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The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University

May/27/2017 15:12

The first affiliated hospital of Jinan University (also known as Guangzhou overseas Chinese hospital, the first clinical College of Jinan University), is a medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, care and rehabilitation of General Hospital. Open for domestic and overseas Chinese patients. Has been rated as "grade hospital", "baby-friendly hospital", "international cooperation in SOS hospital" "civil hospitals of Guangdong Province", "style satisfied the medical unit", "national advanced Office system" and "Guangzhou credit grade AAA fixed-point medical institutions of social insurance hospital

"And work injury insurance designated hospitals in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province new rural cooperative medical care fixed-point hospital, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhaoqing and other area health care fixed-point units. Hospital this part covers an area of 47236.8 square meters, construction area of 111,510 square metres, has 2 area (Headquarters, Tung nursery school), 3 clinics (Headquarters, Dong Pu branch clinic, and the University Hospital Clinic); headquarters 1300 beds; 1.2 million annual outpatient visits in hospitals, 26,143 admission year, inpatient surgery 11,812. With health professionals of 1531 people, including senior engineers, 235, was awarded a 4, doctoral students and 47, Master Instructor of 137 people. Currently has a doctor's degree authorized discipline 1 (clinical medicine, covering 18 secondary disciplines), disciplines at the master's level 2 (medical and nursing).

In addition, have the right to grant professional degrees in clinical medicine and clinical medicine post-doctoral flow station. Hospitals special health project clear. General Surgery laparoscopic surgery skill level country, has first-class equipment, type of surgery and treatment of diseases of the national maximum, has carried out more than 120 kinds of laparoscopic surgery over more than 10,000 cases, some surgery to lead in, endoscopic training bases is the Ministry of health. Guangdong Province key specialties of clinical orthopaedics, renowned in the country, is the leading centre for treatment of joint diseases, functional reconstruction of limb and orthopaedic centres. Surgical treatment of sequelae of polio more than 12,000 visitors. Interventional Vascular Interventional Radiology is the first integration and professional Department of vascular surgery, vascular surgery and Endovascular therapy for complex surgery, neuro, vascular intervention, cancer intervention and so on to be creative, progressive, at home and abroad enjoy a high level of academic standing. Gynecological Urology Gynecology and pelvic floor reconstruction for the subject characteristics, 2009—2010 years to establish female genital tract infection prevention in base, infertility research base. Guangdong Province key specialties of clinical obstetrics, fetal therapy, complete South twin transfusion syndrome performed the first fetal endoscopic treatment, funding support from the National Science Foundation, clinical interventions in pregnant women with hepatitis b and form characteristic, completing first Citrin prenatal diagnosis of inherited metabolic diseases, perinatal pelvic floor damage and rehabilitation leading research within the province. Prenatal diagnosis of Fetal Medicine Division of the international standards in screening technology. Already United Kingdom strict examinations of the fetal medicine Foundation agreed to grant fetal medicine hospital is the Foundation only screening training base in China. Fetal intervention techniques currently in the country by far. Pediatric in neonatal intensive care, particularly with respect to monitoring and treatment of premature infants with special emphasis on integrated management, premature infant survival rate and survival quality leader in the province. Professional genetic metabolic disease in children by gas chromatography mass spectrometry diagnosing reach the domestic advanced level. Guangdong Province key specialties Urology, urology specialist training base in Guangdong Province, the Ministry of health urological endoscopic training bases. Is one of the seven kidney transplant centres approved by the Ministry of health, subject leader the team research project led by Professor Su Ze-Xuan, 2010 the national science and technology progress award. Eye key disciplines in colleges and universities in Guangdong Province, a variety of surgeries in the industry-leading level. Neurology modernization in recent years carried out a series of "stroke" treatment means in arterial and venous Thrombolysis in acute cerebral infarction and vascular stent-assisted Angioplasty for intracranial brain artery stenosis reached the domestic leading level. Neurosurgery, brain and spinal cord and difficult surgeries. Center for intracranial lesions, tumors of the skull base surgery, surgery of intracranial aneurysm, transsphenoidal pituitary tumor surgery, within the upper cervical cord tumor resection, and so on. Interventional Neuroradiology (intravascular catheter) in treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Stereotactic functional neurosurgery For intracranial lesions, surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy. Neuroendoscopic surgery for brain hydrocephalus, cerebral hemorrhage. Basic realization of restricted areas without surgery, medical technology has reached advanced level at home and abroad. Interventional Cardiology cardiovascular medicine the use of the latest international medical technology, has achieved the domestic advanced level. Establishment of emergency PCI operation "green channel" for successfully rescuing a number of critically ill patients. Blood internal medicine first in southern China Taiwan point of the Tzu Chi bone marrow transplant unit, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for their specialty, in and outside the province enjoy a certain reputation. Hemodialysis Center now is the Guangdong provincial engineering research centers, research and development of its own brand of hemodialysis machine achieved important results, won several awards, praised by the national leaders. Mental and psychological Division take the lead in establishing open psychology Ward and established in Guangdong Province delegation of Chinese Medical Association monitor sleep disorders Center. In a variety of clinical diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders and mental disorders living in domestic first-class, leading position in the province. Kang Fuke ** and child language cognitive rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation of hemiplegia, in the country, high visibility. Cosmetic Laser Center of international advanced technology, carrying out a variety of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser cosmetic skin treatment programs, some of the projects in the domestic leading level. Medical Imaging Center equipped with not only a complete state of the art medical imaging instruments, has a middle-aged experts of well-known domestic and foreign technology. In brain imaging, breast cancer, head and neck diseases, bone and muscle diseases imaging studies, such as fruits, with good results. Hospital is Guangdong Province earlier nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment of one of the units. In the area of nuclear medicine examination and treatment in the domestic leading level.

Hospital accident and Emergency Department in the whole green channel management platform, from first aid to the operating room, intensive care wards, from registration to an inspection, examination, blood transfusion channel full high performance optimization for maximum save patient lives; according to disease management clinical path mode is widely used, strict requirements for a complex discussion of difficult diseases and multidisciplinary collaboration. In October 2012, the full operation of the hospital complex, considering the patients ' environment greatly improved.

More complete hospital disciplines, professional structure is more reasonable, overall level of medical teaching and research within the province class, some of the subjects had advanced into the country. Another important feature is the hospital care in hospitals. Guangdong Province key specialties of clinical nursing in our hospital, the hospital always attaches great importance to development of nursing science, formed a specialty care characteristics, diabetes specialist, orthopedics, wound specialists, specialist obstetric specialist reputation within and outside Guangdong Province. Thus, "registered nurse experts clinic" this distinctive came into being. 2010 was awarded "quality nursing service model hospitals of Guangdong Province" and the "national quality assessment excellent hospital care".

Extended care is quality care extends from the hospital lobby, from the sub-health status to nursing care after discharge from hospital formed a relatively complete service chain. 2010, hospital from patients angle departure, integration information technology and mobile communications technology, lead in Guangzhou launched "health service new fast line" system, effective solution has currently hospital in the General exists of "three long a short" (registered, and paying, and take drug time long, medical time short) problem, achieved for patients save time, and created value, create more warm, and more harmony of medical environment.

Advancing the construction of electronic medical records in hospitals, and have been used within the hospital. Establishment of 30 years, hospitals have received the outpatient patient of more than 13.7 million visits, inpatient more than 350,000 visitors, its medical features and unique technology brand in the South land, and cultivating a large number of outstanding medical personnel at home and abroad.

To meet the medical needs of the community, improve the people's health has made important contributions. Address: Huangpu Road West, Tianhe district, Guangzhou City, No. 613: 510,630 Tel: (020)

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